Thengumthottathil Family
Apostle of Jesus Christ St Thomas arrived in Kodungalloor (Muziris) in Kerala in 52 AD,
preached the gospel, established seven churches
The early Christians (also known as Nazranikal, St.Thomas Christians, Syrian Christians)
looking for pastures green spread out to interior villages from Kollam and Kodungalloor.
One such nazrani family in Ayroor village was known as 'tharayilethu' (thaayillam) family.

Sixth Generation of Thayillam Family was Soman Tharakan.
Soman was the eldest son of Vaneth Erupputti. He got married from Nedumprayar
parackamannil family and bought Thengumthottathil family property and settled there.
Soman Tharakan had his first son Erupputti. While Erupputti he was very young his mother
died and Soman re-married from Vanchitra Thundiyil Family.
Soman had two more sons in her namely, Shemon and Tharyian.
The eldest son Erupputti after his basic education married from Mallapally Kayyalaeth family
and settled as Kurudamannil house. He and his descendants consist of Kurudamannil
Second son Sheemon married from Thumbamon Vadakkedath family. There was continuity
of priesthood in Vadakkedath family. Sheemon settled down along with his father at
Thengumthottathil house. He and his descendants consist of
Thengumthottathil Sakha.

Third son Tharyian married Karackal Kunnathara Family. As she died without any children
he remarried from melukara kothapurath. He settled at Neelambilal Pulithitta house. He and
his descendants consist of Pulithitta Sakha.
Thengumthottathil family belongs to one of
the branches of Thayillam Family