Ayroor Thayillam Family
St Thomas was one of the twelve disciples of Lord Jesus
Christ. The tradition of Kerala Syrian Christians is that in
52.A.D.St.Thomas the Apostle landed in the port of Muziris
in the island of Maliankara, near Cranganore in the state of
Kerala, in South India.
St. Thomas, preached the gospel and established churches
at eight places; Cranganore, Palur, Paraur,
Gokkamangalam, Niranam, Chayal, Kollam and
Thiruvithamcode (called the   1/2 church - probably
because of its small size), and appointed prelates and

In due oncourse, the Apostle returned to the Coromandal
coast and continued his gospel work in Madras.

One day he had an encounter with Brahmin pujaries
outside the city. An altercation ensued, which ended in the
consumation of the shrine of the 'Goddess Kali' by lance at
the Apostle. For three days St. Thomas languished before
he succumbed