Ayroor Thayillam Family
Marble Pillar
The Marble Pillar located at Ayroor Village in Central
Kerala is the tower of remembrance and pride;
remembrance of one's forefathers and pride at one's
root. On it is inscribed the genealogy of Thayillam Family.
(pic right)

The exact location of the above pillar is at the original
family house where Mr. Chacko Abraham, a small-time
merchant,used to live. This is on the side of the road from
Thiruvalla to Cherukolpuzha. (tharayileth padi)

The Tower has names of 268 forefathers of the family
spanning from nine generations starting from 1600 AD.
The Dates of birth and death of members of all
generations are inscribed.

Nearly Rs. 1.5 Lakh was spent on the tower which was
completed and unveiled in 1988. The tower is built with
stones, concrete and marble and faces north. At a height
of four feet from the ground level, marble plates imprinted
with the names and years of births and deaths of the
forefathers are placed. The tower has 12 plates; three in
different angles on each of the four sides. Each plate has
24 names inscribed and on the tower can be found
names spanning 21 branches of the family.

The 32 foot high Tower was built and unveiled in on
December 31st, 1988 and serves as a guide for the new
The tower was conceived during the family's Annual
Kudumbayogam (family get together) and designed by
Mr. K C George, a retired Chief Engineer belonging to
the family.