Ayroor Thayillam Family

The First known person of Thayillum family was Erupputti. He used to live in a house
approximately 1.5 Km Cherukolpuzha on the side of the road to Thiruvalla.

Errupputti had only one son Thayillath Soman He also had only one son Thayillath
Errupputti. He stayed with his father after his education.

After marriage Soman settled down as Pulimethoth Shaka, Mathunni as
Pizhathil Shaka
and Errupputti stayed along with his Father as Tharaiyleth Shaka.

The Balance 7 Shakas are from the Pulimethoth Shaka.
Pulimethoth Soman had 3 sons Soman, Chacko and Errupputti.
After Marriage Soman settled down as
Panikkanteth Shaka, Chacko as Kodiyattu Shaka
and Errupputti stayed along with his Father as Pulimethoth. After some years Errupputti
moved out and settled as
Vaneth Shaka.

Vaneth Errupputti had 3 sons Soman, Educalla and Ettimathan. Soman settled down as
Thengumthottathil Shaka, Educalla as Kaipallil Kolakottu Shaka and Etti mathan settled
along with father.

Thengumthottathil Soman was famous among the local People for his honesty and known as
‘Ner ulla Thengumthotan.’ He was also given the honorary title of “Tharakan” by King/Ruler.
Soman Tharakan had first son Errupputti, and after some time his wife died. He remarried
and in her he had two more sons Sheemon and Tharyian.

After the basic education Errupputti got married and settled down as
Kurudamannil Shaka,
Sheemon settled down along with his father as Thengumthottathil.  Tharyian settled down as
Pulithitta Shaka.
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