Ayroor Thayillam Family
The convention is held for a week in February every year. Snakeboat races also attract
people to the village. Ayroor boasts numerous Churches and Temples. The harmony with
which the two prominent communities live in Ayroor is worth noting.

The Pamba River and the surrounding hills make Ayroor one of the most picturesque
places in central Travancore. Residents of Ayroor cultivate Coconut, Rubber, Cocoa,
Tapiocca, Plantain, Cinnamon, Pepper, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Rambutan and other crops.
About Ayroor
Ayroor is a village situated on the western part of Ranni Taluk of Pathinamthitta District
in Kerala state, India The name Ayroor means five villages or five “ures”.

The Pamba River flows by the southern side of this scenic village and makes soil around
the village very fertile
It is believed that the Thekencore
kingdom's Kovilans ruled Ayroor
in the past. The Kovilans brought
a Christian family from the north
as they believed that the kingdom
will become prosperous with the
presence of Christians

Hindus and Christians are
currently almost equal in numbers
and social status

One of the highlights of Ayroor is
the Cherukolpuzha Hindu
Parishad which is held on the dry
bed of the Pamba River.