Ayroor Thayillum Family
Thayillum family is one of the oldest Christian families in central Travancore, (More than 100
years) which has its roots from ancient 'Thayillum' Hindu family in Ayroor, Kerala, India.

Ayroor is a village situated on the western part of Ranny Taluk of Pathanamthitta District in
Kerala state, India.

In the Kerala Christian directory published in 1939, page 397 it is described that Thayillum
Kudumbam is one of the Aristocratic family which was converted to Christianity by St. Thomas.

One of the documents is the
History book published by Mr. S Thomas in 1957.

First Meeting of Thayillam Kudumbayogam was held in 1910 At the residence of Kurudamannil
Kulangara Erupputti. President was Rev Fr. T S Philipose.

Main Branches of Thayillum Family are:

  • Panikkantethu
  • Kodiyattu
  • Pizhathil
  • Kurudamannil
  • Thengumthottathil
  • Pulithitta
  • Kaipallil Kolakottu
  • Vanethu
  • Thayillum

Thayillam family, now more than 14 generations is over 10,000 strong and over 1500 houses
and spread all over the World.

Thayillam have active chapters at
United Arab Emirates, Muscat, Kuwait and Canada.

If you belong to any of the above branches of our family, please do get in touch with us